Monday, June 7, 2010

Fishing with Paul

Last Friday, Micah, Steph and I went fishing with Paul at Middle Spunk Lake, Stearns County.

I enjoy going fishing with Paul, because there is always something new I can learn. It's a lot of fun, too.

Here is a picture of Micah and myself, casting off the front of the boat.

That was the first fish I caught. We cheated a little bit by holding the fish closer to the camera lens to make it look bigger :)

Micah and I while we were trawling. Only Steph and Paul actually caught fish that way, I was out of luck... It was still fun tough.

Later in the day we didn't catch very many fish. I finally got a lucky bite and Micah helped me bringing in the Bass. He fought really hard, and when I first felt something I thought I was stuck in the weeds. But eventually we got him in:

That's a legit picture of the Bass, no cheating with the size ;) It was a nice and big fish.

- Happy fishing everyone -

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  1. I'm glad you "guys" let me come with you--I definitely needed some time away from the smaller kids! :) Even though Micah threw my bass back, I had a lot of fun. LOL