Sunday, May 9, 2010

Youth For Understanding Re-Entry Orientation

We had our last YFU Orientation on Friday and Saturday. Lots, lots of fun... The location was Calvary Community Church, which we also used when we had the YFU Midyear Orientation a couple of month ago.

The Youthroom is just the best facility that I could imagine to have events like the re-entry orientation. The youthgroup people that use that part of the church since years have made it a really awesome and unique place, which I will never forget.

(here is a pic of the youthroom at Calvary Community Church, it's a bad picture but I just realized that's about the best one that I've got... I should take some better ones next week ;D)

We were much more people at this orientation than at the one in January. I was quite surprised when I met Roman again, one of my friends that I've met at one of the YFU orientations that we had in Germany about one year ago. Mitch taught the first session on Friday night.

(first session lectured by Mitch on Friday night, not everyone is in the picture but the bulk of students)

Here is one of my favorite pictures. On Saturday all host family were invited to join us and spend some time around the exchange students. When Steph came with the rest of the family, I gave Malachi (almost 3 yrs) my camera so that he could take some pictures, because he really loves to do that. It was all good, he had fun and took some pictures, but when he brought the camera back to me he accidentally dropped it. The camera hit the floor and somehow took a picture by itself. It was hilarious xD

(here is Malachi's, well Malachi and the floor's picture. Robin, from Germany, is on the left hand side and I'm the guy on the other side) 

Over all I really liked this orientation. We had some very good sessions that helped anticipating going home and we played some cool games like Dodgeball, Table-Soccer, Pool and Mafia. I also enjoyed playing guitar with Robin and other students were played piano and drums as well.

As much fun as the Orientation was, it was also very hard to think about the day that we'll have to leave. This is going to be very tough :(
This weekend showed me again how grateful and glad I am for the family I could stay with the last month. I am really excited for what is coming up the last three month that I'll spend here. Thanks to the flexibility of YFU I get to stay a month longer and can spend much more time with the Theis's.

It's been an incredible and indescribable experience here at the Theis's house. This might sound weird, but when I get up in the morning and see Mitch and Steph I don't feel like they are my host parents anymore, much rather I think my brain just cuts apart the - host - part and thinks of only parents. 

I really do love you all, Tirzah, Malachi, Joshua, Ezekiel, Caleb, Eden, Micah, Steph and Mitch ! I will never forget what an amazing time we had! Words are supposed to put things on paper but this is something I don't know how to express!

Mama and Papa in Germay, don't get me wrong I still love you, too!!!! And you, too Sabrina! Oh ya, and Laura! And Oma Moni and Opa Reiner and Jörg and Cerial and Oma Irene and Opa Klaus and...  

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