Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why ?

Well, when I clicked through the sign up pages last night to create a new blog, it asked me what my blog's URL should be. I had seriously no clue what a good name would be but I eventually came up with some different names, here is how:

I have been working with Linux, especially Ubuntu, and therefore with a lot of open source software for quite a while. During the last year, I realized the significant difference between open source and commercial, or closed source software, which is basically if you develop a program under the open source license, than the source code of this program is available for anyone in the world. Anyone can change and modify the code as long as you can find the author and the copyright statement of the original code within the new code. That makes the whole idea of Open Source Software very powerful. But there is a lot more than that, if you want to find out more, try googling for Open Source, Free Software Foundation, Linux or GPL.

So anyhow, because of my inspiration for Open Source Software, I wanted to name my blog something like "" :) But that sounds a little weird, and I also had some different ideas like patricksopenthoughts or patricksopenblog (idk, I kind of got stuck with the word "open" in my names). To make live easier I decided to leave it by "patrickopenx". So the "x" basically stands for many things and in the end it's a variable, so you can make up anything you want 8)

Yeah, I found it difficult to find the perfect name, but in the end it shouldn't matter that much because you can always change it later.

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