Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sleeping in ...

On Tuesday and today we had MCA testing going on at Apollo High School. I am a Junior so I normally would have to take the tests, but since I am an exchange student, taking the tests wouldn't make much sense.

I'm honestly not too sad about it, because I got the sleep in on both day's and did not have to show up for school before 11 a.m. I thought that was really neat. "Surprisingly" some of my friends got mad at me (idk why). :D

I think there should be at least one day of the week on which everyone has a late start. Perhaps on every Wednesday since it is the middle of the week. That would definitely help me staying more focused in school when it gets to the end of the week. I guess people have different thoughts about that but for a night person like me it would be really nice.


  1. I agree! (Although it could be argued that I get a late start every day... just ask Steph. LOL)

  2. LOL...Yes, Kristin gets a late start EVERY day! Except last Saturday, when I was supposed to be at her house and showed up late. She was mad at me the whole way to southern MN because she said she could have slept in for 20 more min. :P

    I think Mondays should be a late start day. That would help us ease back into the week. Oh, and daycare babies shouldn't be allowed to have stinky diapers on Mondays, that would be a nice break, too. (Was it ok that I said "stinky diapers" on your blog???)