Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's never too late!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog!

Looks like this is my first blog post :)

I never thought I would create my own blog someday, but apparently I just did it.

For those of you who didn't know, I am an exchange student from Germany and since August 2009, I'm living with a wonderful family in St. Cloud, MN. Living with and becoming part of a new family is an incredible experience and one of the best times I have had in my life so far. Something you can't describe with words (even if I would be talking in German right now^^), something that one has to experience by himself!

When I came to the US last year, I started writing a journal to have a nice written memory of things I would do during my year as an exchange student. I tried to save every day written on paper (or an open office writer document) but I soon skipped days, then weeks and eventually I stopped writing. Later I found my self trying to remember whole months and all the things I had done during the time when I didn't write down anything.

Now back to the title of my post, "It's never too late!"

I often spend time on my host mum's blog, Stephsoundoff, reading through all the posts she has written. It is like going back in time an reliving the time I have spend with my "new" family. When I read her blog, and especially the older posts from last year, it makes me realize how blessed I should be of being here right now. Looking at the pictures reminds me at the fun times we had (and hopefully will continue to have). Again, something that I will never be able to entirely put into words.

I love being here, being part of a new family, playing with my new brothers and sisters, spending time doing fun stuff, watching LotR with steph and the others, sleeping in my (well, Eden's) bed, learning new words, playing AoE with Mitch and Micah, hanging out with friends, designing a new website together with Steph for her business (click), playing with both, Steph's and my guitar, going to church, going to Youthgroup, going to Paul's house, celebrating birthdays, hanging out with Holly, Hope and Kayle, playing outside when the sun is shining, juggling Diabolo's ... I could go on forever!!

All that makes me want to never forget this time. My time here is already have way over. I am so glad I finally created my own blog.... It's probably one of the best ways to create a wonderful memory of this year (and whatever will happen in the future).

I probably should have done this much earlier but I haven't. But hey, always keep in mind, "It's never too late!"


  1. Yay!! Welcome to the blogging world, Patrick! I love your first post. You are right, it's never too late. I can't wait to read more. :)

  2. Hey Patrick, Steph has been telling me to start a blog and it looks you beat me to it! A blog is a great idea because so many from all over the world can read about your experience. This is a great idea for all YFU students.

  3. Patrick - I love hearing about you on Steph's blog. And I love how technology (and blogs!) will keep you guys in touch after go return home. I'll be checking back here to see how you are doing!

  4. Its been great getting to know you!